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You know us! We’re the small businesses in your community. We’re your friends and neighbors who have been struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic over the past two years. Our restaurants, entertainment venues and social halls rely on redemption games for an important part of our bottom line.


Redemption games are widespread across Michigan and can be found in neighborhood taverns, family-owned restaurants, VFW Halls, American Legions and other social clubs. These games are electronic contests that require the use of buttons and joysticks to play and win.

In these challenging times, Michigan lawmakers should be doing everything in their power to help small businesses survive and that includes recognizing the important role of redemption games to drive traffic and bring in revenues.

After all, redemption games have a long and proud history in Michigan, going back to the introduction of pinball machines in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Generations of consumers have long enjoyed these games.

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